Need for SA businesses to be educated on clean business trends

A clean business is one that has adopted practices for the use of renewable resources and holds itself accountable for the environmental and human rights impacts of its activities. According to Dylan James, producer of the Clean Business International conference, due to the lack of awareness around this concept in South Africa, Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) along with Cape Media is launching the Clean Business International 2012 conference.
James says that as clean business is a growing trend, South African businesses need to be educated on the importance of the concept. “Businesses should ensure that all practices are as green, ethical and sustainable as possible. This includes businesses that operate in a socially responsible manner and protect the environment.
“Not only is this important from a sustainably point of view, but it also encourages investment and interest from clients and the public,” says James.
He says that worldwide, sustainable business practices have shifted from left-field to mainstream, a trend that COP 17 has accelerated and consolidated. “The need for businesses to embrace this trend is growing significantly, and they need to be informed of the risks and opportunities implicit in a low-carbon approach to business in a context of climate change.”
PPC Cement is the platinum sponsor of the conference due to their commitment to social upliftment and environmental sustainability. Richard Tomes, PPC’s Customer Executive says, “It has become increasingly important for companies to become actively involved in shaping the industries in which they operate. This realisation has led PPC to sponsor the Clean Business International conference. At PPC, we support a holistic approach – we don’t just look at the products we manufacture, but also how each product is used and its impact on the environment.”
James says that the platform will provide attendees with an opportunity to discover the top performing sustainable investments, discover the sustainable strategies that give leading companies their competitive edge and see how businesses successfully integrate clean technology, energy efficiency, water strategy, waste management and clean logistics up and down the value chain.
“Clean Business International will deliver a shared vision for unlocking the resources of South Africa and its citizens to sustain social transformation and economic growth into the future.”
The event will bring together thought leaders, investors, government agencies and various industry sector representatives who are devoted to strategically aligning their interests to the country's strategic sustainable infrastructure development drive. It takes place from 2-3 October at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand and incorporates an exhibition and conference.