Skills Summit


The Skills Development Summit 2016 will unveil a pragmatic vision of skills development that integrates the need to develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy. This vision will be set within a framework of inclusivityand social transformation, and will be displayed against the backdropof international competition, which represents the bar to which SouthAfricans need to aspire to raise themselves. It’s a game-changing vision,and Skills Development Summit will provide the workshop in which anexciting economic future will be forged for industries and the nation as a whole.


As South Africa enters the Knowledge Economy generation, the importance of sustainable and relevant skills training and development is the key factor in the growth of our economy over the coming decade and beyond.Human resources are the great new asset of the global economy, and the digitalisation of Africa offers thecontinent the opportunity to advance at a rapid rate in terms of global productivity.

Skills development has little value without a targeted and well thought-out plan, and the National Government, the HRDC, as well as the numerous SETAs and TVET Colleges throughout South Africa have played a key role overthe past few years in developing plans and strategies for ensuring a focused and sustainable developmental planthat is aimed at ensuring the right skills are being developed at the right time and for the right individuals. Fromteachers to artisans, engineers, scientists, mathematicians and entrepreneurs, the blueprint has been drawn up,debated, refined and now rubber-stamped. All that remains is for the various sectors and industries to build onthis blueprint, adapting where required as needs and opportunities evolve.



The 2016 Skills Development Summit will provide delegates with a roadmap for the latest trends in skills development. It is an essential networking platform and information gathering opportunity for business owners,high-level managers and key executives from the corporate as well as the private sector. Attendance will ensurethat an organisation’s own skills development initiatives are in line with the national blueprint.

The Summit will also offer delegates the opportunity to spot opportunities for additional skills development opportunities, which might otherwise not have been considered within the organisation or beyond.

Without new skills, our economy can’t grow.

With a good plan and sustainable skills development in place, South Africa can stand up and take its place as aserious player in the global economy, as well as fulfilling our destiny as the true Gateway to Africa.