Gizelle McIntyre

Gizelle McIntyre is the Group HRD Manager for Nemtek Group.  Within this role, Gizelle’s
responsibilities include Human Resources and Development Management, IR, Facilitation,
Organisational Design and Development, Coaching and Mentoring and Skills and RPL
implementation. She also heads up the Accredited Nemtek Training Academy.
Gizelle’s career spans 25 years of HRD, Learning and Development, Managing training and
development companies (accredited and customised), external moderator and verifier, counselling,
executive coaching, consulting and manager and graduate development. Gizelle has Chartered HRD
designation (SABPP) and received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the SABPP for exceptional
contributions in the HRD space; Fellowship Designation at CIPPT, as well as being a board member;
and is a member of COMENSA. She has experience in National, Provincial and Local Government, in
non-government organisations, public service and private corporates throughout all sectors. 
With post-graduate qualifications in both Psychology and Education, Training and Development,
Diploma in Management, a qualified SDF, Assessor, RPL Advisor, Moderator and Evaluator, and a
passion for public speaking to advocate the people management and skills development message,
Gizelle brings innovation to design and energy to partnerships.

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