Lesson Desk


Lesson Desk is a suite of training applications designed to function together to help businesses transfer knowledge to employees, cultivate a learning culture and to maximise the full potential of their workforce. Lesson Desk offers more than your typical e-learning platform: we are your end-to-end training partner Our in-house content creation hub, Magic Lantern, can help you to create quality digital learning content that facilitates learning, knowledge retention and comprehension. Whether it’s tutorials, training videos or induction, our experienced team of copywriters, videographers and animators will assist you every step of the way.


At Lesson Desk, we believe that a keystone to the success of any business is having a skilled, dynamic and confident workforce. That is why our end-to-end digital training solutions are designed to make you and your employees’ training experience as valuable and effortless as possible.

With Lesson Desk on your side, inspiring growth with our guided career paths and training employees using our Group or Individual platforms is a breeze. Our interactive digital assessments allow you to quickly identify knowledge gaps, and gives you the opportunity to address these with our off-the-shelf online training content. Answers are collected and marked instantly, while results are easily accessible through our web-enabled applications. Additionally, our digital media experts at Magic Lantern are ready to assist you in creating fun, engaging and practical learning material from scratch or by digitising any traditional training collateral you may already have.

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