Thabi Nkosi

Agricultural Economist and Managing Partner of African Green Alpha Private Equity

Thabi is an agricultural economist, investor and agribusiness strategist. She is a founding partner of African Green Alpha, a South African agribusiness private equity fund and Chairperson of the Coca-Cola Mintirho Fund which provides growth capital to emerging farmers.

Thabi is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading agricultural economists having worked with businesses across the sector to unlock growth and find solutions. Prior to co-founding African Green Alpha, Thabi held numerous senior positions in the agricultural sector including Executive Director of Group Investments at AFGRI Group Holdings, Agribusiness Investment Specialist at the Public Investment Corporation, Lead Economist at Agri SA and National Market Manager at the South African Sugar Association. Thabi has also served on the boards of AFGRI Operations, GroCapital Holdings, KHULA, Daybreak Poultry and AFGRI International. Throughout her 15 year career, Thabi has sought to champion and promote the agricultural sector. She has published numerous expert opinions in leading business publications and in 2018 delivered a popular TED Talk on the sector’s misplaced “ugly duckling” affliction. Thabi holds an MBA and a Postgraduate Diploma from the Gordon Institute of Business Science and a BSc (Agric) in Agricultural Economics from the University of Pretoria.

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