Zanele Maduna

Zanele Maduna CA(SA) is a Chartered Accountant with academia, entrepreneurship, international
and local corporate experience and it’s through this experience that she is creating sustainable
She has founded No Valo Holdings with the sole aim of breaking the cycle of poverty through
mentorship and coaching. No Valo also provides the necessary personal and professional
development resources and skills to enable relevance and security in a changing world.
She has also built a strong personal brand with approximately 24,000 varsity students and young
professionals on social media where she is using her influence to empower the youth.
She is currently a SAICA Vaal Region YCAN Committee Member Representative, Alternative
Director at KSB Pumps and Valves (South Africa) and previously served as a SAICA Vaal Region
Vice President.
She strongly believes that sustainable impact starts with self-leadership and the cycle of poverty
can be broken, one mindset at a time.

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