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About Us

Pinnacle Skills Evolution was born out of a desire to engage with learners, employers and Quality Assurance Partners,to weave a thread of relevant, appropriate and exceptional skills developmentprocesses and programmes in such a way that all stakeholders receive what is critical for them to thrive; be it in their personallives, bottom line or making compliance and quality assurance manageable.

We are serious about developing strong and sustainable relationships, both internally and externally, to promote business growth and produce a professional and harmonious working environment.

In a world where everything is evolving, we engage with you to find the best possible solution for your needs,and our experienced team work passionatelywith you, to see your vision come to fruition.

We operate with a focus on the future, recognising the challenges of development and always searching for ways to improve our performance and output.

We invite you to choose Pinnacle Skills Evolution as we embark on a journey of continuousand lifelong learning!

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the preferred skills development and training provider within South Africa’s services, wholesale and retail industries.


To provide innovative training and development solutions that enable our clients to maximize the growth of human capital within their organisations, and to uphold a commitment to quality and ethical standards in education, training and development.


  • We’re dynamic, and collaborative in our approach
  • We’re trustworthy, and transparent in our communications
  • We’re fair
  • We believe in community
  • We’re passionate

Service Offerings

  1. Training

Pinnacle Skills Evolution is an accredited Skills Development Provider with the Services SETA and the W&R SETA and also train a variety of non-accredited soft skills courses.

Because we know that training and development directly impacts your bottom line, we provide high quality, professional training solutions that will assist you in reaching strategic goals and objectives.

Our training solutions will help employees learn specific knowledge and skills to improve performance in their current and future roles.

  • We also provide high quality Assessors and Moderators who will provide comprehensive feedback on processes that add value to your programs.

Benefits of training


  • Profit growth
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Deeper talent succession pipelines
  • Tax Rebates
  • SETA Funding
  • SDL Reimbursements


  • Increased employee motivation
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved speed to competency and productivity

Accredited Qualifications and Skills Programmes

Full Qualifications: Wholesale &Retail SETA

  1. Wholesale and Retail Operations NQF level 2
  2. Wholesale and Retail Visual Merchandising NQF level 3
  3. Wholesale and Retail Management NQF level 4
  4. Wholesale and Retail Management NQF level 5

Skills Programmes: Wholesale &Retail SETA

  1. Skills Programme-Checkout Operator Level 2
  2. Skills Programme -Shelf Filler (General Merchandiser) (Stock Counter) Level 2
  3. Skills Programme – Retail Supervisor (Team Supervisor) Level 4

Full Qualifications: SERVICES SETA

  1. Contact Centre Support NQF level 2
  2. Contact Centre BPO NQF level 3
  3. Contact Centre Operations NQF level 4
  4. New Venture Creation NQF level 2
  5. New Venture Creation NQF level 4
  6. Business Practice NQF level 1
  7. Business Admin NQF level 4
  8. General Management NQF level 4
  9. General Management NQF level 5
  10. Project Management NQF level 4

Non-accredited Soft Skills Courses

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Liaise and network with internal and external stakeholders
  • Devise and apply a strategy to establish constructive relationships with manager(s)
  • Identify and minimize personal conflict in a unit
  • Devise and apply a strategy to establish constructive relationships with team members in a unit

Coaching in the workplace:

  • Observing Behavior as an Introduction to Coaching
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Guiding Others to Be Their Best
  • Using Listening Skills as a Coaching Tool
  • Coaching Others Through Their Problems

Delegation Skills:

  • The Role of the Manager
  • Analysing Personal Delegation Skills
  • Preparing to Delegate
  • Carrying Out the Delegation
  • Using Delegation for Managing Change

Positive Assertiveness:

  • How to develop positive assertiveness
  • Ensuring successful change
  • Feelings: The emotional part of assertiveness
  • Changing your behaviors
  • Expanding your assertiveness
  • Assertive confrontation

Diversity in the Workplace:

  • Understanding diversity in the workplace
  • Understanding the reality of diversity and its value
  • Manage diverse team members

Effective Communication in the Workplace:

  • Communication Techniques used in the Workplace
  • Lead Discussions and Chair Meetings
  • Generate a Variety of Workplace Reports
  • Deliver Presentations

Effective Conflict Resolution:

  • The Main Sources of Conflict
  • Explain appropriate techniques in conflict management
  • Describe the appropriate action plan and strategies to manage conflict
  • Explain the attributes of an effective conflict manager

Effective Presentation Skills:

  • Identify the Target Audience
  • Gather Information and Structure the Presentation
  • Deliver the Presentation

Customer Service:

  • Identify internal and external customers
  • Explain the standards of customer service expected
  • Measure customer satisfaction on an on-going basis
  • Recommend corrective action

Emotional Intelligence:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence in respect of life and work relations
  • Analyse the role of emotional intelligence in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships in life and work situations
  • Analyse the impact of emotional intelligence on life and work interactions
  • Evaluate own level of emotional intelligence to determine development areas

Morals and Ethics in the Workplace:

  • Understand the Relationship between Values, Ethics and Organisational Culture
  • Apply the Concept of Corporate Ethics to a Unit
  • Analyse a Unit in Relation to the Principles of Corporate Ethics
  • Formulate Recommendations for Strengthening Shared Organisational Values and Ethical Practices

Developing Great Teams:

  • Explain the role of a team leader in an organisation
  • Explain the purpose of the team
  • Contract with the team members to obtain commitment
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate performance
  • Project Management

We successfully manage learning projects such as Learnerships and Skills Programmes.

As project managers, we offer a one-stop solution through the following service offerings:

  • Funding applications
  • Tender applications
  • Identifying the appropriate training provider
  • Signing of the relevant documentation
  • Quality assurance of the training delivery
  • Mentoring the learners in the workplace
  • Project status and close-out reporting
  • Skills Development Facilitation

We offer professional skills development information and advice.

Compiling a WSP can be complex and we are here to assist you in every way!

We collaborate with your company’s HR and Training department to maximise training grants, learnership opportunities and tax rebates, also advising on training strategies that will assist your human capital team to develop and grow and thereby positively influencing your company’s bottom line.

If you have an existing SDF, but still are not maximising opportunities, we will put our capability coaching skills to use as we mentor, train and coach your SDF to fulfil these services effectively.


  • Reach B-BBEE and Employment Equity targets
  • SDF Retainer is claimable as Skills Spend for B-BBEE
  • Obtain tax rebate benefits
  • Recover Skills Development levy spend
  • Improved training strategy
  • Skilled and satisfied human capital team
  • Human capital retention

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