Jonathan Foster-Pedley

It takes a multi-talented leader, innovative businessperson and expert in curriculum design to direct Henley Business School South Africa. Dean and Director Jonathan Foster-Pedley has worked in six continents and has over thirty years of global business experience. He is a former airline pilot and senior executive in the European aerospace industry, and has guided and facilitated cohesion and productivity in international and local multicultural sales and marketing and management teams. He is also an entrepreneur, a leading academic and coach(working as a visiting professor in Strategy, Creativity and Innovation), and a writer and blogger. He is Vice Chair for the South Africa Business Schools Association.

Foster-Pedley’sexpertise in strategy, creativity, design, thinking and innovation are key features of theHenley MBA curriculum. He has developedhands-on programmes designedto stimulate innovative business thinking strategies,to increase productivity in the workplace, and todevelop self-confidence, self-belief, creativity, proactivity and out-of-the-box thinking. Foster-Pedley has the business acumen, the academic prowess, and the social conscience to direct Henley students so that they reach the full productive potential in every facet of their daily lives.

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