Felicity Havenga

Felicity Havenga is the founder and Managing Director of Pinnacle Skills Evolution, a private FET  college.  She is an experienced and accomplished professional Skills Development Practitioner operating across diverse industries.                                                                                                                             

After 7 years in the operational side of the banking world, where she achieved her CAIB (SA), she moved into the Learning and Development space within the banking industry and then beyond, where her careerspanned20 years intraining and skills development, assessing, moderating, external verification,project management, Learnership implementation and quality assurance, for small and large corporate companies and then moved on to the brave world of entrepreneurship in 2018, where her passion for people and learning could no longer be contained.

Felicity’s qualifications include a Certificate in Banking, Marketing Diploma, Advanced Marketing Diploma, Certificate in Education and Training, OD-ETDP NQF 6, and is a qualified Assessor, Moderator, SDF, RPL advisor and is aProvincial HRD forum member.

She is a natural problem solver and strongly believes that a winning combination to solving challenging issues lies in a collaborative approach and acting!

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