Dr.Pulane Molokwane

Name:             Dr.Pulane Molokwane 

Company:        Oloenviron Pty Ltd

Designation:    Founder

Email:              Pullym@gmail.com

Mobile no.:      0833452122


Dr Molokwane is a Nuclear Physicist, Water and Environmental Engineering Specialist Professional with expertise and experience in Ground water remediation, research into nuclear process and solid waste strategies, solutions and technologies, petroleum and energy industry. She has an extensive corporate governance experience. She serves on the advisory body to the President of SA, the NPC. She is the commissioner responsible for Science and Technology, Chair of water task and chair of Professional Capable state and  Active Citizenery. Dr Molokwane has published 38 peer reviewed papers and 4 book chapters and monologues. She is one of the 25 South African emerging Women in STEMI- 2017. Dr Molokwane is also rated at no 27 of the 100 globally recognized Nuclear Energy  Professionals- 2020. She is the founder of OLOENVIRON Pty Ltd. She previously worked as Executive Technical Director of South African Intellectual Property Fund and Quintessential Investment Holdings; Principal Environmental Specialist at Sasol Technology Pty Ltd and Senior Nuclear Fuel Design Physicist at Pebble Bed Modular Reactor SOC (PBMR). Dr Molokwane served/s on the boards of South African Forestry Company SOC Limited (SAFCOL), Inkomati Usuthu Catchment Management Agency (IUCMA), Sedibeng Water Board, Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA (NECSA) and ESKOM SOC Limited and a few Steering Committees/Panels within the Science and Innovation and Water Departments  . She holds PhD in Chemical Technology (Chemical Engineering) (University of Pretoria), M.Sc. in Applied Radiation Science and Technology, Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Radiation Sciences and Technology, and B.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry (North-West University).

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