Nokwezi Tshapela

Founder & CEO World of Radiance

Nokwezi Tshapela is the CEO and Creative Director of World of Radiance a lifestyle services business that delivers the finest in locally produced fashion and fine art.Established in 2019, World of Radiance is premised on the ethics of local production and aims to achieve 80% of itsproduction locally in all its product lines.Collaboration with like-minded design houses is a key success driver andsuccess indicator. World of Radiance thrives on finding convergenceopportunities with different creative minds within the lifestyle servicesspace, thereby presenting a platform for the proud display of the vibrant dynamism of the African creative genius.

Prior to going into business full-time, Nokwezi pursued a corporate career where she held various leadership positions including Head: Business Development Support a role which focused on enabling entrepreneurs within and outside of corporate value chains.

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