Nontokozo Ngcobo

Nontokozo Ngcobo graduated with Masters in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK in 2015 and is currently pursuing her PhD.

During her Master’s program, she was involved in business research in countries like UK, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and the USA. She waspretty involved in various entrepreneurship teaching methods, activities, programs and business support to young people in multiple countries while pursuing her studies in the UK.

She has worked with local and internationalcompanies like the BBC, Africa and UK, Infusion, Warwick University in Africa Maths and Science programme. Currently, she plays a pivotal role at Durban University of Technology’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship establishment and advancement.

She has further worked as a Lecturer under the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT) Faculty of Management Sciences and established a Work Integrated Learning Office.

As a result of her entrepreneurship development passion, the University appointed her in 2018 to establish its Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Midlands Campuswhich was the first of its kind then called the DUT Midlands Entrepreneurship Centre. After hard work and dedication, this was a newly founded initiative and is now an official department within the University.

As the Entrepreneurship Centre Manager, she has developed programmes that aim to create sustainable businesses. Businesses that are enabled with the various innovations and technologies and further allow for longevity and durability.  She has identified three functions which the Centre facilitates:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation (which includes practical learning spaces/ Hubs)
  2. Community Initiatives and engagement
  3. Industry Business Relations

Her role as Centre manager is to service the DUT students, Alumni, and external local entrepreneursand local communities including adoption of local schools into the program. The Centre’s various programmes and initiatives have bridged bothinternal and external gaps and have offered some much-needed aid.

Under her leadership, she has groomed many young entrepreneurs and aims to produce more youth-owned businesses in the next five years. The main objective is to build businesses that will foster generational impact, relevance and have a long-standing feasibility.

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