The South African Furniture Initiative – SAFI

The South African Furniture Initiative “SAFI” was created in 2016 as a joint initiative of Industry, Labour and Government for the benefit of all the stakeholders with the common interest of promoting employment growth, value addition and transformation across the furniture value chain.

Our aspirations is to have South African designed and manufactured furniture in every home, school and workplace in Africa and beyond.

Our purpose is to build a globally competitive and transformed furniture industry that shapes lives in every, home, school and workplace in Africa and beyond.

Our mandate is to:

•Provide market intelligence information.

•Facilitate training, mentoring and other support services.

•Promote the South African furniture manufacturing industry and associated furniture design.

•Facilitate access to domestic and international markets, especially for small, and previously disadvantaged individual (PDI) owned enterprises.

•Determine and facilitate the implementation of initiatives and programmes to enhance the performance of the South African Furniture Industry.

•Sustain existing employment and create new employment opportunities within the furniture industry’s value chain.

•Facilitate the development of strategic relationships throughout the furniture value chain

We prioritise:

•Market Access

•Trade intervention and remedies

•Market intelligence

•Skills development and Training

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