Enerhu Business Enterprise


Enerhu Business Enterprise (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 as a 100% youth black owned enterprise. The company was found to promote and encourage previously disadvantaged communities to take and uplift youth in the clothing manufacturing more especially in our rural areas to participate in the economic activities in the RSA. The primary focus of the company is Human Capital Development, consulting services, Training and Development (Learnership, internships, short learning programmes and apprenticeship).


To be a pillar in the development of local communities, regional structures, provincial and national sectors by offering extra ordinary business relations that will unlock doors in the international markets, thereby ensuring sustainable jobs more especially in our rural communities, South Africa, Africa and the world.


To be a preferred extraordinary service provider.

Services experience

We have implemented and offered various training interventions in our rural area, below are some of the interventions we have implemented;

Learnership: Clothing manufacturingFPnM SETA202016/17
Learnership: New Venture CreationSouth African Fashion Designers Agency1142018/19
Skill Programme: Furniture makingFPnM Seta402019/20
Learnership: Clothing manufacturingFPnM Seta202019/20
Learnership: Clothing manufacturingFPnM SETA202020/21

How the FPnM SETA funding has assisted in the process?

The projects were implemented in deep rural areas with high youth unemployment and poverty, therefore the SETA funding is playing a huge role in ensuring that the learners receive not only

quality education from Enerhu but they themselves have a source of income from the stipend they receive from the SETA to take care of their wellbeing as well as their families, the stipend might look small, but our learners are very much appreciative of the amount they receive every month

Majority of our learners are breadwinners with clothing manufacturing/fashion design passion, so the funding is indeed playing a huge role in their lives. There is a lot of untold stories one can tell about the impact the seta funding is having in our rural areas

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