Micromatica 384

Micromatica 384 [Pty] Ltd t/a HS training centre is a professional organisation, 100% Black female owned and run by Black professionals whose experience, reputation and ethics determine their standards of performance.  Founded in 2001, the company has consistently honoured its clients by providing the following services:

1.1        Providing strategic Human Resources Best Practise Solutions across the full spectrum of Human Capital positioning and relevance within organizations

1.2        Providing a robust business to employee engagement in ensuring that change is received without fear and thus embraced for its positive impact on performance

1.3        Proactively examine external dynamics that will have a direct impact within organizations through surveys and recommending the necessary strategic interventions

1. 4       We passionately drive skills acquisition through the FP&M, AGRI and Services SETA accreditations. We have seen lives transform from different angles; i.e job creation as well as the establishment of small businesses. These opportunities have had a ripple effect to the communitieswhere the learners have come from. The HS training centre continues to pride itself in this life transformingjourney together with the FP&M SETAwhich has funded the centre for the past five years. We are determined, passionately so to continue playing a critical role in skills development within the country.

2.         OUR MISSION

We strive to see from all perspectives so as to understand and appropriately respond to clients’ needs. This has allowed our company to consciously be broad in terms of its consulting as well as training services.

3.         VISION

To make asignificant role in changing lives within the country and beyond its borders.

4.         VALUES

Micromatica 384 (Pty) Ltdupholds the following key values:

  • Competence – we are a team with exceptional competence levels, which we have built over the years
  • Quality – owing to our skills, quality becomes a non-negotiable for our organisation as well as our clients
  • Ubuntu – embedded in this concept is respect for our clients and upholding both our integrity and theirs.


  • Being broad in our service approach model that has ensured business growth
  • The ability and tenacity to work beyond our place of origin/ comfort, hence the African continent where our services are needed
  • Insatiable passion for change especially in view of where we are at as the world 4IR


As part of the conscious advancement of those previously disadvantaged, Micromatica 384 Consulting (Pty) Ltd procures services of Black Consultants for projects requiring more capacity. To this end, the following individual Consultants and companies with Black shareholding have benefited from our SMME development:

  • ASK333JJ– Accountants Practitioners
  • Mangaliso Accountants and Tax Practitioners

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