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The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management (TSCM) is housed in the School of Management, SA’s Management school of choice, within the College of Business and Economics at the University of Johannesburg.

Since 1968, The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management (TSCM) has developed programmes that allow learners from diverse educational backgrounds to specialise in logistics management, transport management and transport economics.

At its core, TSCM’s purpose-driven values and principles guide the provision of comprehensive and excellent education, training and research programmes to the domestic, continental and international transport and supply chain community.

Today, TSCM is a large academic department offering a rich portfolio of well-articulated diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, continuing education programmes and specialized industry-targeted programmes.

The department’s Continuing Education Programmes, for example, attracts thousands of annual enrolments. Of further significance is that all programmes were developed in close collaboration with South African, continental and global higher education institutions, industry partners and local government.  Moreover, these initiatives were strengthened and their stature grown through productive agreements with local and international universities.

Being true to our UJ brand focus: The Future. Reimagined, the department has adapted to the technology driven society through the development of two online Advanced Diplomas and one online Diploma in Logistics. We also offer simulation training opportunities for our postgraduate students to experience a real life business environment through an online simulation programme. The department understands the importance of 4IR and the impact it has on the changing world of work. Therefore, we have implemented 4IR concepts into curriculums and research projects.

Our excellent qualifications provide scare skills and facilitate career development in an important industry. So, on behalf of the department of Transport and Supply Chain Management we encourage you to travel smart and plan your journey with us!

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