Who we are

GTMI is a non-profit organisation established by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) it is one of Gauteng Provincial government initiatives intended to create jobs in support of the Government’s industry development strategies. GTMI executes this mandate by generating innovative technical manufacturing techniques to Transform, Modernise and Re-industrialise the technical manufacturing sector.


To be leading implementation entity in Gauteng for the re-industrialisation and revitalisation of technical and engineering services specifically for SMMEs to grow into large technical manufacturing suppliers making an increasing contribution to Gauteng and South Africa’s economy.


The mission of GTMI, in pursuit of its Vision, is to provide innovative customised solutions:

  • To intervene on a micro level of re – industrialisation across the provincial township economies with the primary objective of ensuring a full implementation of the Premier’s Transformation Modernisation and Re- industrialisation (TMR) programme through the development of local manufacturing capabilities to supply manufacturing industries within and outside the Gauteng Province.
  • To ensure that the regional industrial base is technically diversified with a strong emphasis on the technical manufacturing industries capable of supplying the manufacturing sector and infrastructure investment activities across the province allowing the province to contribute massively to the country’s productivity.


The GTMI’s staff aligns their behaviour to the shared values as listed below, these values support and is informed by the organisations vision and mission:

  • GTMI’s main purpose is to radically transform, modernise and re-industrialise the technical manufacturing sector with great emphasis on the empowerment of black industrialist.
  • Creating employment and opportunities for growth in the township’s technical manufacturing sector.
  • Optimisation of efficiency through lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Mobilising industrial partners for supplier development programmes.
  • Growing the economy of South Africa by increasing productivity of the technical manufacturing sector of the Gauteng province


We execute Gauteng’s T.M.R mandate by directly intervening small black industrialists by physically transforming the layout and business model of their organisations.

Layout transformation

We transform the layout of the organisation to radically improve its efficiency, safety and productivity through the introduction of lean manufacturing principles, introduction of equipment and Standard operating Procedures.

Business model transformation

We equip black technical industrialists with Lean corporate management capabilities with the aim of mobilising and directing them towards an efficient and productive business culture.


The automotive industry has been identified by the government to have the potential to address the Twin Policy Imperative of creating decent employment and greater economic inclusion.

We promote new SMMEs and township enterprises in the automotive and technical manufacturing sector.

We generate, modernise and innovate lean manufacturing procedures that not only increase productivity, but also modernises the technical manufacturing sector.


We participate in the economic and social process of organizing national resources to re-establish industries to be more inclusive and accessible to young black industrialists. The process proceeds as a result of a need to re-invigorate and re-allocate national economies.

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