No matter what industry you’re in or what your training needs are, custom training can have a significant impact on any business’ training outcomes. Increased employee engagement, improved performance, andthe development of criticalrole-specific skills are some of the main goals HR- and training professionals wish to achieve with their training plan. Theseare theprimary reasons as to why many businesses are looking to content creation companies to craftpersonalisedonline training materialfrom scratch – because it does exactly that and more.

Custom training content offers a unique learning experience that can be relevant to each individual employee as well as the business as a whole. Implementingtraining content that is specific to the company, it’s culture, and that aligns with employees’ overallgoals and interests also creates a more relevant learning experience. The morerelevant a training programme is, the better engaged and motivated employees will be to complete their training course and the higher the levels of knowledge retention will be.

Instead of learning about generic scenarios that are not relevant to employees’ specific needs or day-to-day experiences, developing bespoke training content that integrates scenarios that have actually occurred in the business will allow employees to feel more immersed in their training journey. Doing so creates agreater identification with the topic which will help in better understanding the information presented to them.

Personalisingis the perfect solution for businesses who are looking for training content that speaks to the company, and their employees’ specific requirements. Whether it includesthe company’s corporate identity, aspects of the company culture, processes or products, custom content can align with and reflect the business’ brand image and core values.

Content creation agencies can help businesses foster a deeper emotional connection between their employees and their skills development process by assisting in the development of training material thatis both fun and engaging, as well as instructionally designed to optimise the learning process.Emotionally-centred training experiences drive knowledge retention and information recall and allow for the information learned to be stored in the employee’s long-term memory. This way, when employees leave the training room, they can easily apply the knowledge learned to real-life situations.

Other factors that can improve knowledge retention and information recall includes the length of the topics, the structure of the course, how relevant the learning content is and the medium used to train employees. When creating custom training content with content creation companies, you gain access to control all of these aspects in order to develop effective training.

By utilising content creation agencies or digital experts to craft custom training programmes, rather than taking on the responsibility yourself, businesses can reap the benefits of expert advice, high-quality training content and more time to spend on other areas within the learning and development areas of the company. With all the benefits provided by making use of content creation agencies, many might think thatpersonalisingtraining material could be an expensive venture. However,when developing a custom training course with an agency, businesses only pay an initial investment.

Businesses should always aim to continuously improve employee training due to changes in the workplace as well as in the learning industry as well as practices and requirements that undergo transformation. Instead of having to replace the entire course, content creation companies and digital experts can design custom training content in a way that allows for easy, quick and inexpensive maintenance and editing. This alone indicates that custom training content can improve and provide the company with a greater ROI.

From defining training objectives and outcomes to creating new content that suits your brand, style and budget,Lesson Desk assists will assist you in every step of the way. For information on how you can get started, visit or contact us