When we train, we take everyone’s needs into account. We ensure that our attendees get value
for money. It’s not about what we know, but what our clients and attendees need to know. We
are a group of experts in what we do (locally and internationally), we don’t look at the
disadvantages of entering certain spaces. We do what works for us and the client. We know we
can’t compete with the Goliaths of the industry, however we are actually not in competition. We
see our glass as half -full. We use what we have and pass on the benefit of savings to our
clients. #SMMEs are welcomed. We run our own race and look forward to having corporations
that place their trust in us based on merit. We are used to shifting goal posts, breaking the ice �
and at the end of the training sessions and webinars, we always get positive feedback and are
gazed upon differently.
Why- because no one sees us coming ��

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Authored by Anastasia Machobane – B. Luris, L.L.B. (University of Pretoria); MDP
(GIBS/UP); Air Law Diploma (IATA); Certificate Editing and Proofreading
(University of Cape Town)
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